The Estate

The Fazenda Recreio has been owned by the same family since 1890, when it came into the possession of Mrs Ignez Bernardina da Silva Dias, a young widow with four children, who began to plant coffee there in 1891. The first crop was harvested in 1893.

Lindolpho Pio da Silva Dias, one of the sons of the founder, made the estate his family home after marrying Mathilde and there brought up their eleven children amid coffee trees, Caracu cattle and an austere and rewarding lifestyle.

In 1945, after working briefly on neighboring farms, Joaquim José de Carvalho Dias, an agronomist who had recently graduated from the Federal University of Viçosa, took over the estate’s coffee plantations. He reformulated concepts, introduced innovative cultivation techniques, selected new varietals, most of which of the Yellow Bourbon type which is now much prized by importers from all over the world, with the aid of the Campinas Agronomic Institute, always searching for the best possible quality.

A Fazenda RecreioIn 2006, the estate was purchased by Homero Teixeira de Macedo Junior, husband of Maria, the only daughter among the four offspring of Joaquim José, who regrettably passed away in October of that year, but with the satisfaction of seeing that the property would continue in the hands of one of his heirs, as was his express wish. Homero and Maria receive assistance from their son, Diogo Dias Teixeira de Macedo, also an agronomist, who had already been working with his grandfather since 2000.

The continuity of management in the hands of the family showed positive results as soon as 2008, when the new owner, Homero Teixeira de Macedo Junior, received awards as the Best Coffee in the 7th Specialty Coffee Contest of the State of São Paulo, Champion of the 5th National Specialty Coffee Contest of the Association of Brazilian Coffee Roasters (ABIC) and second place in the 9th Specialty Coffee Contest of the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA).

The farm has a total area of 605.6 hectares, of which the 240 hectares occupied by coffee continue to produce top quality beans in this fertile soil, with mountainous topography and a climate favorable to the production of fine and balanced coffee.


Recreio Estate Coffee is located in São Sebastião da Grama, on the border between the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, one of Brazil’s most prestigious coffee producing regions.


Mapa de Localização da Fazenda Recreio



The deep concern of both management and workers with best social and environmental practices is demonstrated by the UTZ
Certified certification.

Sustentabilidade FAzenda RecreioThe sense of Social Responsibility brings security and comfort to the estate’s 65 collaborators who have housing with running water, electricity, sewage facilities, high quality education for their children, medical assistance and leisure areas, as well as ample benefits, such as free basic foodstuffs, training, a computer room and career planning that complement the practices for personal development and growth of the company.

Environmental Responsibility is also a motive for the permanent training of the collaborators in order to preserve the 85 hectares of native vegetation and areas of permanent preservation, in addition to the correct application of crop protection products and the protection of flora and fauna.

Photos os the estate

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